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Let me introduce myself

Hi there,

I’m Bridgit Lawson, and I’m the flamingo part of The Rose Flamingo. My daughter, Agnes, is the rose.

We both love graphic tshirts and we both are artists. We have been playing with print on demand sites like for years, but never took it seriously. Agnes studied graphic design in college.  I was a professional balloon artist and face painter for 25 years befor I started designing jewelry. (Wire is a lot like a long skinny balloon.)

My husband and I started a small shop in Loudon, TN in August 2019. (We had started our original business in 2015 in Alaska.) He makes aromatherapy jewelry and essential oil blends. I make upcycled jewelry and art. We both design for our laser cutting machine. We live with my mom and mother-in-law so we can take care of them. When the 2020 pandemic began to look serious in March, we decided I would stay home with The Moms. Darren would take care of the shop. That meant that I would have a lot more computer time than actually working on jewelry. No big deal. I had a lot of courses in marketing to keep me busy, and I am an introvert at heart. Or so I thought.

I got bored fast! I started messing with more and more coaster designs in Inkscape for the laser machine, and felt like they should be on coffee mugs, too! Long story short, they make great t-shirts, and now I can make coordinating outfits to go with any of the designs I create!

So, that’s the long and short of it.

I’ll be posting again soon, but you can find my Personal Daily Design Challenge on the Facebook Page ( or on Instagram (

Virtual Hugs!